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Entry #1

I'm a Penis Monger

2013-04-13 20:37:32 by PenisMonger

What of it?


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2013-07-11 05:02:47

I bet u fap it a lot, lol!

PenisMonger responds:

You know it ;3


2013-07-23 15:09:29

You look very familiar, are you from Nebraska?

PenisMonger responds:

Either that or Colorado :P


2013-10-06 13:09:02

i love you dong mongler; have my babies


2013-10-06 17:35:38

looks like the guy below me has some serious issues and takes it all out on this poor fellow; pretty fucking shameful when you think about it


2013-11-09 13:13:04

I think it's awesome!


2014-07-29 19:17:20

You know monger means spread. You trying to say your a penis spreader. You spread it to the girls and smile while doing it. That's what your icon shows.

Say what happen to the red dude that spammed your blog earlier. He seems to be missing. Did you spread your thing to him and maim him. How could you?

But seriously, any ideas?

PenisMonger responds:

hur hur hur, Master-Awesome totally isn't "the red dude"

Fuck off, shithead132

And a "monger" is generally a salesman. By being a "Penis Monger" I sell penises.

And I'm not sure what the fuck you're talking about, but in my profile picture I just came to My Little Pony porn, because I'm normal.



2014-08-05 12:10:59

I don't which definition you looked up, but this is what I read:

I looked up your name though: monger

So you are right, but you know this is still something I could make fun of!

You know if you want to talk more here's my PM link:

PenisMonger responds:

Go fuck yourself